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crack okino polytrans Free-market fundamentalists say government should be run like a business, but a business is not a democracy; it’s a dictatorship. Evangelical fundamentalists wish to replace our democracy with theocracy, which is also totalitarian by nature.

anya cracker Both free-market fundamentalists and evangelical fundamentalists reject science when it hampers their agenda.

crack crimes of war download The science proving global warming is a threat to profits, and the science proving evolution is a threat to the ancient myths of monotheism. Thus, the religious right finds common ground with the corporate oligarchy in their mutual distrust of democracy, dissent, and science that doesn’t suit them.

crack coi 6.0 r2 Bigotry is not a side effect of fundamentalism; it’s a basic tenet. To fundamentalists of whatever stripe, the diverse beliefs of a diverse populace are not the bedrock of America but a threat to overcome in their quest for absolute control.

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