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photoshop crack cs6 tpb Reader's View: Can anyone dip into Trump's tariff slush fund?

oracle siebel crack What a wonderful surprise to find out President Donald Trump must have a slush fund to pay his way out of political trouble. When his tariffs were met in-kind, threatening to hurt our wonderful farmers, Trump just reached into this slush fund he must have control of to grab $12 billion to give to farmers to make up for their losses ("White House plans $12 billion in emergency aid to farmers caught in Trump's trade war," July 24).

huong dan crack corel x5 sp3 He could have just stopped his tariffs. But why would he backpedal, making himself look weak and ignorant of the world financial markets? What I want to know is where this slush fund is and whether Congress knows about it.

efectos del crack en los pulmones Always when I read the news, it's about how poor our nation is and how we cannot afford to fund Social Security or health care or food stamps, etc. Now I hear $12 billion is available to Trump on a whim — $12 billion!

magix movie edit pro 17 crack free download Please, Congress, draw me a picture of $12 billion. Stack it up with thousand-dollar bills so I can envision it. Being a lower-middle-class, retired citizen, I can't conceive of $12 billion any more than I can conceive of winning the lottery.

download game dota 2 full crack If Trump can draw on a slush fund of $12 billion, I think all of us should have one to cover for our mistakes. Give us a tax-free year, and give us the money. I'll even vote for Trump if he sends me a billion or two — or 12.

elfbot crack 8.54 chomikuj I'm glad farmers are getting money to cover losses, but the tariffs never needed to be. This is wasted taxpayer money, and we need a complete explanation from our representatives in Congress as to where they stash our money and how much there is and who else gets to dip in to cover for mistakes.

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